Steam Collection IDs

This tool allows you, to extract all Workshop mod IDs from a Collection.
This is very usefull for Games like Space Engineers where you have to put in a list of mods into the server config
( at least for the dedicated servers )
Feel free to use it for whatever reason, Spaceengineers was why i buildt this tool.


It is very simple to use this Tool.

  • 1. Get the Link to your Collection
  • 2. grab only the ID at the end.
  • 3. Put this id into the "ID" field
  • 4. Push le button
Thats it. not that hard, right?
I hope this tool will help you as much as it has helped me ;)


Raw ( only IDs)
Found 0 Workshop Items with 0 Overall size to download.
ID Name Creator Details Url
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